New Free Credit Freeze Law Would Save WA Residents Tens of Millions of Dollars

One of the area’s most recognizable TV news personalities, Jesse Jones, has asked me to help him pass new legislation that would make credit freezes¬†free for all Washington state residents. Currently, all of those who’ve learned about the Equifax data breach (and there will be more breaches like this) have to pay at least $10 along with tax to freeze their credit with each credit bureau (Transunion and Experian… Equifax is currently waiving its fee).

When lawmakers convene at our state capitol in the new year, they will have the opportunity to hear my clients testify. I hope that hearing these individuals’ stories will open all legislators’ eyes.

Please watch the above story about one of my many clients and understand how breaches resulting from negligent safeguarding of our PII can wreak havoc on our lives —¬† just as it did for my client, Kellie.